The government is already cutting our care.

Brian Pallister campaigned on protecting public services. But now his government is turning its back on Manitoba families. Instead, they're cutting our health care and privatizing services. They're...

  • closing ERs, QuickCare Clinics and an urgent care centre in Winnipeg and are talking about closing hospitals and ERs in rural Manitoba
  • laying off staff, including workers at Victoria General Hospital
  • eliminating Hospital Home Teams — and spending $15 million to hire two Ontario-based corporations to provide home care services
  • cutting physiotherapy and occupational therapy services in hospitals, lactation consultation services at Health Sciences Centre, and closing the Victoria General Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit and Mature Women's Centre.
  • hiking service user fees and talking about privatizing MRIs and air ambulances.

We're standing up for your health care... and the people who deliver it.

The MGEU is Manitoba's largest union — representing 17,500 members in health care. And we've been fighting health cuts from day one.

Now the government is targeting health care workers, with two bills:

  • Bill 28, which freezes and caps all public-sector wage increases…
  • and Bill 29, which slashes the number of health care bargaining units.

Bill 29 will mean months, even years of uncertainty and upheaval in health care — after years of productive, stable labour relations. It’s no secret why the government’s doing it: they want to divide and weaken health care workers.

That makes it more important than ever for us to stand together and speak out with a strong, clear voice for quality public health care and the people who deliver it.

A strong voice for health care support workers

The MGEU is standing up for…

  • Health care aides, who help patients and elderly Manitobans with day-to-day living;
  • Maintenance workers, who keep our hospitals and care homes going;
  • Porters, who transport patients safely for tests, surgery and treatment;
  • Dietary staff, who prepare and serve healthy meals for patients;
  • Laundry workers, who ensure hospital linens and uniforms are clean and safe; and
  • Clerks and schedulers, who help keep it all running smoothly.

Every one of these workers is vital to delivering the care Manitoba families deserve. Without them, our health care will suffer.

Find out more about why the MGEU is the best choice for health care support workers.

A strong voice for technical and professional workers

The MGEU is standing up for…

  • Dietitians, who make sure hospital patients get healthy meals that support their recovery;
  • Occupational therapists and physiotherapists, who help people overcome injury and regain the use of their bodies;
  • X-ray technologists and lab technologists, whose skill and expertise play a critical role in helping doctors make the right diagnosis and choose the right treatment; and
  • Paramedics, whose training and experience make all the difference in a medical emergency.

And there are many other skilled health care workers dedicated to patients.

Find out more about why the MGEU is the best choice for technical and professional workers.

That's why MGEU is speaking out.

The damage to our health care has already started, and it's only going to get worse if we don't stand up together.

As Manitoba's largest union, representing 17,500 people working in health care, we are a strong voice for health care. And we know we have a responsibility to speak out. Every one of our 40,000 members relies on Manitoba's network of health services for themselves and their families.

And we’ll continue to stand behind those services, and the people who deliver them.

What you need to know about representation votes.

The Pallister government is slashing the number of bargaining units, and throwing health care into uncertainty and confusion by forcing thousands of health care workers to vote to choose the union they want to represent them.

The Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act (Bill 29) has been proclaimed and the government has appointed a commissioner to oversee the process. The government is organizing new bargaining units based on six “Health Employers Organizations”:

  1. Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority
  2. Northern Regional Health Authority
  3. Prairie Mountain Regional Health Authority
  4. Southern Health-Sante Sud
  5. Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA)
  6. Shared Health 

The full and final list showing which bargaining unit each health care worker will join is not yet available, but the MGEU has asked the Commissioner to provide more details about the votes, including when they are expected to take place. When that information is available, we will share it here on this site.

For now you can find out what’s at stake for health support workers and technical / professional / EMS workers.  

LATEST NEWS: Jan 29, 2019 - WRHA admits it will have authority to reassign workers 

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