The government is already cutting our care...

Brian Pallister campaigned on protecting public services. But now his government is turning its back on Manitoba families. Instead, they're cutting our health care and privatizing services.

  • Already, they've announced plans to close ERs in Winnipeg — as well as an urgent care centre and four QuickCare clinics.
  • They're laying off staff, including workers at Victoria General Hospital.
  • They eliminated Hospital Home Care Teams that helped Manitobans get out of hospital and back in their own homes sooner then turned around and began privatizing such services, using over $15 million of our health care dollars to hire two, Ontario-based corporations. 
  • They've announced plans to reduce physiotherapy and occupational therapy services in hospitals, cut lactation consultation services at Health Sciences Centre, and closed the Victoria General Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit and Mature Women's Health Centre. 
  • They’ve cancelled health care construction projects that would have helped cut wait times and bring care to more people, sooner.
  • They're increasing service user fees and talking about privatizing things like MRIs, and air ambulances.

...and hurting the people who deliver it.

The Pallister government introduced two bills that target the public sector workers who provide health care.

  • Bill 28 freezes and then caps all public-sector wage increases. This comes after years of wage restraint, and doesn't keep up with cost of living.
  • And Bill 29 slashes the number of health care bargaining units. This will mean months, or years, of uncertainty and upheaval in health care… after years of productive, stable relations.

Workers who deliver care, and workers who make care possible...

The workers the Pallister government is targeting include:

  • Health care aides, who help patients and elderly Manitobans with day-to-day living;
  • Maintenance workers, who keep our hospitals and care homes running;
  • Porters who transport patients safely for tests, surgery and treatment;
  • Dietary aides, who prepare healthy meals for patients;
  • Laundry workers, who ensure hospital linens and uniforms are clean and safe; and
  • Clerks and schedulers, who help keep it all running smoothly.

Every one of these workers is vital to delivering the care you deserve. Without them, our health care will suffer.

...and professionals delivering crucial health services.

The Pallister government is also taking aim at skilled professionals and technologists. They include:

  • Dietitians, who make sure hospital patients get healthy meals that support their recovery;
  • Occupational therapists and physiotherapists, who help people overcome injury and regain the use of their bodies; and
  • X-ray technologists and lab technologists, whose skill and expertise play a critical role in helping doctors make the right diagnosis and choose the right treatment.

And there are many more… all of them dedicated to your health.

That's why MGEU is speaking out.

The damage to our health care is already starting, and it's only going to get worse if we don't stand up together.

As Manitoba's largest union, representing more than 16,000 people working in health care, we are a strong voice for health care. And we know we have a responsibility to speak out — because every one of our members relies on Manitoba's network of health services for themselves and their families.

SPEAK OUT... In the only way Premier Pallister will hear!

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