Where and how to vote

In May 2018, the Pallister Government proclaimed a new law (Bill 29: The Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act) that could change the union that represents health care workers.

Commissioner, Robert Pruden, has been appointed by the government to lead and oversee health care representation votes, which will determine the union that will represent you.

Unfortunately, there are few details about when or how these votes will happen, but once additional information is available, it will be posted here.

For now, you can find out what’s at stake for health support workers and technical and professional workers.

More about Bill 29

In 2017, the Manitoba Government introduced Bill 29, The Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act, which will dramatically change labour relations in the health care sector. These changes will affect union members working in health care.

Bill 29 will reduce the number of bargaining units to seven in each of the five health regions.

Specifically, the new law will force each of the following groups of workers in each health region to have just one collective agreement and be represented by a single union:

(1) Professional-Technical/ Paramedical workers
(2) Facility Support workers
(3) Community Support workers
(4) Nurses
(5) Doctors
(6) Medical Residents
(7) Physician Assistants and Clinical Assistants

What this means for you:

Where there is more than one union for a similar group of workers (sector) in a health region, Bill 29 will require that representation votes are held. Workers in each group will vote for the union they want to represent them. 

Facility Support workers at various WRHA sites currently have separate collective agreements administered by a variety of different unions. These workers will now be required to have one union and one collective agreement per sector within the WRHA/employer .

For those who will work for Shared Health, these votes will be held on a province-wide basis, not by region.

Professional/Technical/Paramedical  workers from all regions who will work at Shared Health (which includes the former Diagnostic Services of Manitoba, CancerCare Manitoba, and EMS) will be required to have one union and one collective agreement, province-wide.