Commissioner Releases Report About Health Care Votes

Jan 09, 2019

Robert Pruden, the Commissioner in charge of the upcoming health care representation votes, has released a new report which addresses some of the questions health care workers have been asking:

1. What will we be voting on?

Some unions continue to say the votes are about which collective agreement will cover you and your work. But the Commissioner said in his report that health workers “are voting only on the question of which union will represent them in the future,” and added that health care workers “are specifically not voting on which collective agreement will apply.”

2. What contract will I work under after the votes?

The Commissioner says clearly that health care workers “will continue to be covered by their existing collective agreement including existing wages, benefits, working conditions, union dues and so on until a new collective agreement is negotiated.”
He added that “no one, including representatives of unions and management, can guarantee what a new collective agreement will contain.”

3. When will the votes happen?

The Commissioner is not ready to tell us when the votes will happen.
He says there is still more work to be done before the votes can be scheduled.

4. Will I be in the votes?

The Commissioner has not yet decided which health care workers will be in the votes.

5. What happens next?

Next week, the Commissioner will update MGEU and other unions on his plans for the votes. We will keep you updated as soon as we learn more.

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