Bill 29 Commissioner Releases New Report and Website for Upcoming Health Care Votes

Feb 26, 2019

On Friday February 22, Robert Pruden, Commissioner of the Bill 29 (Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act) votes, released an update for health care workers and yesterday he launched his new website about Bill 29.

While the update doesn’t say exactly when health care representation votes will happen, it does answer some of the questions members have been asking about the votes and how they will be conducted. The site (www.bill29commissioner.comis also intended to help health care workers access fair and unbiased information about the votes.

The commissioner has made it very clear that health care workers are voting on the union to represent them and negotiate a new contract on their behalf after the votes, and has stated that workers are not voting to choose a contract. Workers are making a decision based on which union they believe will best represent them, speak up for them, and fight for them in the new round of negotiations, and into the future. That is why he encourages every voter to learn all they can about each of the unions before they cast their ballot.

The MGEU is continuing its efforts to be the most transparent and open union in Manitoba. We want to make sure voting members receive information that is that is timely, accurate and most importantly, truthful. Members involved in the votes can learn more by joining one of the Tele-meetings the union will be hosting for Facility Support and Community Support members on February 27 and for Professional-Technical / Paramedical members on March 20.

You can also visit our Bill 29 website,, at any time for all the latest information about the votes and why the MGEU is a strong, vocal union that will fight for you. 

Read the Commissioner’s February 2019 Update

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