Thousands join call to talk about health care votes

Feb 28, 2019

Make an informed choice

Thousands of health care workers in Community and Facility Support joined the MGEU’s two tele-meetings yesterday to talk about what these votes mean and why the MGEU is the strongest health care union for Manitoban’s.

If you missed the call, recordings of both meetings are now available.

Listen Again - MGEU Tele-Meeting Feb 27 - 1pm

Listen Again - MGEU Tele-Meeting Feb 27 - 6pm

The MGEU recognizes that because the Pallister government is slashing the number of bargaining units in health care, they are throwing health care workers into uncertainty and confusion by forcing thousands of them to vote to choose the union they want to represent them.

Even though the MGEU feels the votes are causing needless disruptions for health care workers – because Bill 29, The Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act is now law – the votes will happen, which is why the MGEU is providing health care workers with the information they need to make an informed choice.

Thanks again to our experts on the call:
- MGEU President, Michelle Gawronsky
-  MGEU Health Care Support Services Component Director, Terry Rear
-  MGEU Community Support Component Director, Marlene Hrechka
-  MGEU Director of Negotiations, Sheila Gordon

If you have any further questions about the votes and why MGEU is the strongest choice for health care workers in Manitoba, please or email the MGEU Resource Centre,

Thank you again to all those who participated. An informed vote on such an important issue really matters. If you know someone in Community or Facility Support who was unable to join us, please consider forwarding these recordings of the MGEU tele-meetings.

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