Reality Check

  • Fighting for members’ rights is MGEU job #1

    We know how hard you work — and how your employer keeps expecting you to do more with less. When they make unreasonable demands, we have the strength and experience to fight for you. And we get results.

    Case in point:

    • Employers wanted to force our members to take vacation in one week blocks. And they tried to cut vacation entitlement for part-time workers.
    • We fought for members at the bargaining table and through arbitration — and won. Want to schedule your vacation a day at a time? You can do that. Two days? Sure. A week at a time? It’s up to you.
    • And part-time employees have the flexibility to decide how they take their vacation, and how they’re paid during it.
  • What these votes mean for your next round of bargaining

    After the votes, health care workers will continue to be covered by their current collective agreement until a new one is negotiated for the new bargaining unit.
    If MGEU is the successful union, we will reach out to all current and new members in the new bargaining unit to gather proposals – just as we’ve done after previous votes. Your proposals will form part of the package that the union takes to the bargaining table for a new contract.
    No union is better prepared than MGEU to negotiate the strongest contract on your behalf and offer the best service EVERY DAY. 

  • You are voting to choose a union, not a contract

    The commissioner overseeing these votes says health care workers are voting to choose the union to represent them in the future. They are not voting for a contract.

    A new contract will have to be negotiated with the employer by the successful union.

    Any union that says you will automatically be covered by one of their current contracts after the votes is not telling the truth.

  • You pay less for more with MGEU

    The dues you pay are your money — you’re trusting us to use it responsibly, and we take that to heart.

    • At 1.25%, MGEU dues are among the lowest in Manitoba. And have been for more than 20 years.Our dues are set by members at MGEU convention and the rate can only be changed by a 2/3 majority vote. Our dues cannot be changed by simply calling a Local meeting.
    • Having low dues to get through a representation vote just isn’t good enough – your union needs to show that it can keep dues low decade after decade, just like the MGEU has! 
    • In return for those dues, MGEU members in every Local, big or small, have access to the same powerful resources — for grievances, arbitrations, contract negotiations, and educational opportunities.
    • That allows a lot more MGEU members to get involved. We cover expenses from childcare to wage replacement, so you can attend union activities like workshops and Convention.
    • And we give the ultimate say to representatives you elect. The Finance Committee and Board of Directors make sure your dues are spent wisely and efficiently.
  • We have the people and know-how, right where you live

    No matter the issue, the experience and expertise you need is just a phone call or email away.

    • With eight offices throughout Manitoba, you can be sure there’s an MGEU staff representative near you.
    • Have a workplace issue? Need to file a grievance? Our regional reps have the know-how to help.
    • Have a pension or benefits question? Wondering about your Workers' Compensation claim? No other union in Manitoba has as many experts dedicated full-time to helping members with grievances, arbitrations, WCB claims, pensions, benefits, and health and safety.
    • Our Member Resource Centre is open five days a week. Call or email them. No matter the question, they’ll give you an answer or connect you with the help you need.
  • Strike Support

    No worker wants to go on strike. But if that ever happens, the MGEU offers $300/week, provided on the first day of the strike. And with services like our in-house pension and benefits specialist, the MGEU offers member support that other unions cannot match. 

  • The strongest voice for workers in Manitoba

    The MGEU is Manitoba’s largest union, with the strength of more than 40,000 workers here in Manitoba and a $32 million defence fund to fight back.
    CUPE claims that a letter of understanding will exempt them from having to follow provincial legislation to roll back wages or hours of work. It’s simply not true that any such letter could override a law.
    The MGEU is a proud member of the Partnership to Defend Public Services, which launched a constitutional challenge of the government’s wage restraint legislation. We will be going to court to protect wages and your right to bargain a fair contract!

  • We are a member-driven union

    More than any other union, the MGEU reflects our members’ priorities. It’s part of how we work, and every one of our staff and elected members lives and works right here in Manitoba.

    • Every single MGEU workplace representative is elected every two years by the members they serve — from Local Presidents to the Union President.
    • Your local rep is a coworker of yours. They know what you do, and chances are they can help right away. And for the bigger issues, they can call in other members within your Component and on the Board of Directors.
    • Fair, democratic representation is what makes us work so effectively. You choose who leads our union, who helps your fellow members, and who sits across from the employer at the bargaining table.
  • We work to keep you informed

    The MGEU provides members with the information they need, including:

    • printed copies of contracts;
    • an annual report showing how members' dues are spent; and
    • the monthly President's 5-minute update.
    Our website,, is packed with information. Go there, and you’ll also find the latest news, updates from the bargaining table, upcoming meetings and events, members discounts, details on MGEU scholarships and bursaries, and much more.

Want to Stay Informed?