Why Vote MGEU?

Health care workers in Manitoba are under a lot of pressure every day and need a union that can stand up for workers and get results. MGEU is a strong made-in-Manitoba union with the leadership, know-how, and resources to fight for members and win. We won't promise things we can't deliver just to get your vote, but we'll work hard every day to make your life better. 

Here are 5 important reasons to choose MGEU

1. MGEU has a proven track record of negotiating strong contracts and fighting for members.

  • We protected single-day vacations for Facility Support members, and recently won benefit entitlement for casual service.
  • We closed the wage gap for Manitoba’s rural paramedics.
  • We negotiated guaranteed hours of work and access to full-time jobs for Home Care workers, who had been casual employees for decades.
  • We fought relentlessly to reverse a wage freeze for Westman Lab, and won.
  • 2. MGEU is the only union in Manitoba with a full range of in-house experts dedicated full-time to pensions and benefits, WCB claims, grievances and arbitrations, and workplace health and safety. MGEU is also the only union with eight regional offices to serve members throughout the province.

    3. MGEU is the only Manitoba union with a Member Resource Centre. The Centre’s knowledgeable staff answer questions directly, or connect members quickly with the help they need.

    4. MGEU dues have been the lowest in Manitoba for decades. Representing more than 17,000 members in health care, MGEU is the largest union in Manitoba, backed by a $34 million Defence Fund.

    5. MGEU keeps members up-to-date with frequent communication, including printed copies of contracts, an annual report showing how members’ dues are spent, and the monthly President’s 5-minute Update.

    Why workers are choosing MGEU

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